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HST delivers pricing transparency to a dysfunctional healthcare market

Since 2009, HST has been at the forefront of delivering Value-Based Payments (VBP) that reduce healthcare costs while establishing sustainable benefit plans. HST’s pricing technologies provide cost benchmarks to objectively determine the value of medical services and to introduce pricing accountability.

Delivering improved health outcomes and ROI you can count on since 1976

There is no silver bullet to change behavior. Participants receive personalized attention as we assess their readiness and barriers to change.

To create a personalized care plan, HMC integrates whatever data provided and available, such as medical and pharmacy claims, in addition to other assessment tools-such as health risk assessments (HRA) and biometrics.

The ultimate goal is to create a culture of health. HMC’s programs are utilized for healthy individuals as well as those with chronic conditions.

HMC HealthWorks
Capital Rx

The Future of Pharmacy Benefits Management

From underwriting to reporting, we are building the systems to redefine pharmacy benefits. Our purpose-built platform improves administrative workflows, clinical oversight, claim processing, and the coordination between patients and providers. We may be new, but we plan to make the industry better.


The VIVIO Health platform delivers the right therapies for the right patients at the right cost. We replace your current plan with a new one focused on getting to the right outcomes for your employees.

VIVIO Health
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