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Our 60+ years of combined experience in the design of innovative Cost-Containment Solutions for Self-funded Medical and Prescription Drug Plans is second to none.  

We have identified the best in class cost-containment companies and innovative solutions in the following areas: 

  • Attacking what the self-funded medical plans pay for services

  • Reducing what the medical plan pays through the mitigation of participant risk factors, including wellness programs and insuring utilization is at the appropriate level of service

  • Reducing what the prescription drug plan pays on prescriptions - such as NADAC pricing


In addition, our combined experience in  A+ Rated Stop-Loss Insurance Policies for Self-funded Plans adds exceptional value to our clients.   

We offer innovative stop-loss solutions in the following areas:

  • Designing and utilizing value-payment plans that maximize the lowest rate possible

  • Developing a stop-loss policy that indemnifies participants from paying on balanced billed claims

  • Expertise in underwriting particular types of financial arrangements, such as reference-based pricing, along with a particular type of risk such as the trucking industry or the nursing home industry.

  • Fair and reasonable commission structure on stop-loss placement

Please contact us to see how our partners can reduce your self-funded medical , drug plan or stop-loss insurance costs by 10% - 30%.

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